Selected Links

The Kings Fortune
Wide selection of vintage and antique pottery, glass, crystal, and art. New items added regularly!

Roseville Pottery
Collectible ceramic tiles by contemporary artists for charity.

Louis Icart Gallery
Largest online gallery of Louis Icart artwork, including other artist of the boudoir art era.

Pillin Pottery
Explore and learn about the mid-century modern pottery of Polia Pillin.

Peters and Reed Pottery
Learn the history of the Peters and Reed Pottery company.

Niloak Pottery
Niloak Pottery information for both collectors and dealers.

Muncie Pottery
Information about the vintage and antique Muncie Pottery company of Muncie, Indiana.

Newcomb College Pottery
Discover the vintage southern arts and crafts ceramics of Newcomb College Pottery.

Rookwood Pottery Collector Group
Facebook group for collectors of vintage and antique Rookwood Pottery.

Weller Pottery Collector Group
Facebook group for collectors of vintage and antique Weller Pottery.

Owens Pottery
Learn about the history of the J. B. Owens Pottery Company.

Vintage Roseville Pottery
Highly Illustrated Guides to Vintage Roseville Pottery.

Grueby Pottery
Excellent primer on Grueby Pottery.

Overbeck Pottery
Start your journey to learn about Overbeck Pottery here!

Desert Sands Pottery
The best guide available for the Evans Desert Sands Pottery.

Zane Pottery
Learn about Zane Pottery from Zanesville, Ohio.

Sabino Glass
Discover the glass produced by the Sabino Glass Company.

Steuben Glass and Crystal
Learn about the history of the Steuben Glass Company.

American Art Pottery Association
Established to promote an understanding and appreciation of American Art Pottery.

Pottery Lovers
The oldest pottery collectors association in America.